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Obviously, this is a community for vegans who are single.
However, if you're vegan and not single, or a non-vegan who just can't get enough of those crazy hot vegans, feel free to join!

This aim of this community is a little bit of fun, community, and maybe some romance. Besides, we all know vegans make better lovers! So come on in and introduce yourself. Eventually I'll be posting the basic intro questions up, but until then, you can copy it from other posts, or be creative and make your own introduction! Please, though, if you're making a longer post, or posting large pictures, please use an lj-cut. It's just polite.

...if you're a troll or a spammer, don't waste your time. Trolls and spammers will have their posts deleted, or be banned.
If you'd like to promote a site or community, please contact me first.

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