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Vegan Singles

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hi! =) [Apr. 24th, 2008|06:39 pm]
Vegan Singles


1. Age: 19
2. Sex: Lady
3. Location: Currently Allentown, PA but I attend college in West Hartford, CT and my family is in Bethel, CT (whew, what a mouthful! ask and I'll explain)
4. Height: 5'9
5. Body Type: Runner (that sums it up right?) I'm skinny/muscular with small curves
6. Hair: Dark Brown
7. Eyes: Hazel Green
8. Religion: Roman Catholic
9. Ethnicity: White
10. Language: English, Spanish
11. Education: Currently pursuing a degree in Nutrition/Dietetics with minors in Latino Community Practice and Gerontology
12. Occupation: Work in a hospital and a nursing home as a diet aide
13. Smoker: Never
14. Drinker: Socially
15. Marital Status: Single, never wed
16. Have Children: No
17. Want Children: It's a possibility.
18. Interests: Love any and all sports, whether it be playing or watching. I enjoy being outside, camping, running, all those fun things. LOVE to cook yummy vegan food, especially trying food from different cultures/backgrounds. Obviously I looove animals =) I also like listening to music (I've got varied tastes) as well as movies (I like Spanish and Indie films, and chick flicks are one of my guilty pleasures). I am a VERY social person- as long as I'm with good people I can have a good time.

Looking for:
1. Age: Between 18-25, older is preferred
2. Sex: Male
3. Location: Northeast/Midatlantic area
4. Height: Taller than me is a plus but definitely not a requirement
5. Body Type: Healthy
6. Hair: Not longer than mine
7. Eyes: Doesn't matter
8. Religion: Believing in God is a plus, but religious beliefs/lack of aren't a top priority
9. Ethnicity: Doesn't matter
10. Language: English
11. Education: High school grad at least
12. Occupation: Doesn't matter
13. Smoker: No
14. Drinker: As long as it's reasonable (aka not an alcoholic)
15. Marital Status: Single
16. Have Children: No
17. Want Children: Doesn't matter
18. Interests: Hopefully having something in common with me..but I am always open to new things!

<img src= "http://img117.imageshack.us/my.php?image=headshotri0.jpg">
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