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Vegan Singles

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[Jul. 13th, 2008|08:59 pm]
Vegan Singles
1. Age: 26
2. Sex: female
3. Location: Bay Area
4. Height: Just shy of 5'3"
5. Body Type: athletic, kinda feminine
6. Hair: shoulder length, warm coppery brown, and curly
7. Eyes: greenish blue
8. Religion: Atheist
9. Ethnicity: Irish/English
10. Language: English
11. Education: Some college. Current student at the Academy of Art.
12. Occupation: Freelance skincare sales rep, although in the process of finding another job.
13. Smoker: nope
14. Drinker: a few drinks a month, nothing more than three or four every couple of weeks.
15. Marital Status: single
16. Have Children: nope.
17. Want Children: possibly, if I meet someone that makes my ovaries zing. Although, I won't be devestated if I don't have kids
18. Interests: cooking, reading, being active, writing, photography, spoken word, music, playing with my cat, roadtrips, travelling

Looking for:
1. Age: 26-34
2. Sex: bio. male
3. Location: Bay Area
4. Height: taller than 5'6"
5. Body Type: athletic/in shape. not overly muscular.
6. Hair: there.
7. Eyes: doesn't matter too much.
8. Religion: atheist, buddhist, non-religious, spiritual, open-minded.
9. Ethnicity: um, anything. if you can make me laugh, I really don't care what ethnicity you are.
10. Language: at least be able to communicate in English.
11. Education: either your GED or high school diploma is the minimum. I'd rather if you had some sort of college education [you don't need a degree, just some experience].
12. Occupation: doesn't matter too much, as long as you have some sort of income. Of course, I'd rather you not be a drug dealer, or an escort or something of the sort, but hey, we all gotta make money somehow, right?
13. Smoker: dont mind if you are a pack a month kind of smoker, just not a pack a day. If you don't smoke at all, great!
14. Drinker: Again, a few drinks a week is awesome. I'm not into people who get wasted everyday.
15. Marital Status: Single/Divorced
16. Have Children: Don't mind if you do, don't mind if you don't.
17. Want Children: Either way, don't mind. Just don't be completely anti-baby/child. 
18. Interests: share a few of mine, and have some of your own. ;)