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Vegan Singles

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[Apr. 2nd, 2008|07:12 pm]
Vegan Singles


[mood |sillysilly]
[music |big d and the kids table.]

1. Age: 21
2. Sex: im a girl
3. Location: near seattle.
4. Height: short but not too short
5. Body Type: very nice.
6. Hair: black and short currently
7. Eyes: greenish blueish
8. Religion: im a good catholic girl
9. Ethnicity: hispanic/white. but i look more white.
10. Language: English
11. Education: a bit of college.
12. Occupation: right now i pretend to know hardware
13. Smoker: nope
14. Drinker: not so much anymore
15. Marital Status: obviously single
16. Have Children: only the fur covered type
17. Want Children: yep
18. Interests: food, animals, drawing, wasting time online =] music...

Looking for:
1. Age: older than me.
2. Sex: boy
3. Location: who cares?
4. Height: taller than me (which is easy to accomplish lol)
5. Body Type: i like scrawny boys.
6. Hair: idc
7. Eyes: idc
8. Religion: id prefer someone that isnt anti.
9. Ethnicity: i love azns but personality matters more that looks anyway.
10. Language: hopefully it works with mine.
11. Education: doesnt matter. intellegence does and you can attain that wo school.
12. Occupation: being cute
13. Smoker: dont like em
14. Drinker: show me something tasty.
15. Marital Status: single
16. Have Children: doesnt matter.
17. Want Children: as long as you dont not want them. im not planning on meeting you and having a baby...
18. Interests: me.

dear lj.
it seems that i cant find anyone vegan in real life...
and im sad at the lack of cute boys.