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Vegan Singles

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Newbie! [Oct. 30th, 2007|07:56 pm]
Vegan Singles


01. Age: 26.
02. Sex: Female.
03. Location: Los Angeles, CA.

04. Height: 4'11"
05. Body Type: Curvy.
06. Hair: Shoulder length, black with "highlights," some would say I have a "hipster" cut. I would say I just have a hipster hairdresser.
07. Eyes: Hazel-esque.
08. Religion: Holiday Jew.
09. Ethnicity: Israeli.
10. Language: English. Others if cajoled.
11. Education: Bachelor's degree that's just gathering dust.
12. Occupation: Medical operations specialist.
13. Smoker: No.
14. Drinker: Trying to stick to organic NSA red wines, though I do miss beer.
15. Marital Status: Open relationship.
16. Have Children: No.
17. Want Children: Undecided.
18. Interests: Dancing, musical theatre, feminism, my feline, food food food, football, rock climbing, sewing, crafty-type things, reading.

Looking for:
1. Age: 25-40.
2. Sex: Female, or FTM.
3. Location: In Southern California.
4. Height: I prefer taller than 5'4".
5. Body Type: Not too thin.
6. Hair: I like short.
7. Eyes: Please have two.
8. Religion: To each her own.
9. Ethnicity: I prefer Caucasians, Latinas, and Asians, but I'm pretty open.
10. Language: English.
11. Education: High school diploma to the sky's the limit.
12. Occupation: Something that won't have her sleeping on my couch.
13. Smoker: No.
14. Drinker: As long as there's no alcohol abuse going on.
15. Marital Status: Single, or in an open relationship.
16. Have Children: No.
17. Want Children: As long as it's not tomorrow, I don't care.
18. Interests: If she lives in LA, something other than being thin, rich and pretty.