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Vegan Singles

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attn: vegans in seattle [Jul. 23rd, 2006|11:27 pm]
Vegan Singles


01. Age: 17
02. Sex: female
03. Location: monroe/seattle,WA
04. Height: 5'1
05. Body Type: tiny
06. Hair: bleached randomly, somewhat of a mullet and black
07. Eyes: green/blue
08. Religion: atheist
09. Ethnicity: whitey.
10. Language: English and a lot of spanish slang.
11. Education: yep.
12. Occupation: jobless as of now.
13. Smoker: newports.
14. Drinker: 211.
15. Marital Status: Un
16. Have Children: naah
17. Want Children: possibly.
18. Interests: grindcore, bikes, playing a shitload of frisbee, listening to brainoil, BEARDS, fask bikes and even faster women/men, punk houses, the U district, capitol hill, SSMA, camp nowhere, camping, animals

Looking for:
1. Age: 17 plus no younger
2. Sex: female/male
3. Location: west coast seattle area.
4. Height: insanly tall or insanly short
5. Body Type: eeh
6. Hair: shaved heads are cute. beards are even cuter.
7. Eyes: as long as you have two of them its chill
8. Religion: preferably god free.
9. Ethnicity: any.
10. Language: english. if you know others thats cool.
11. Education: you need to know good music. thats all.
12. Occupation: none is fine. nothing that has to do with government.
13. Smoker: yes
14. Drinker: yees
15. Marital Status: not
16. Have Children: not sure
17. Want Children: not sure
18. Interests: grindcore, shows, chillin, listening to records, giving me dread locks



[User Picture]From: xbornagainstx
2006-07-25 07:36 am (UTC)
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