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Vegan Singles

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[Dec. 3rd, 2005|12:41 am]
Vegan Singles
[music |Rise Against]

01. Age: 27
02. Sex: Man of peace
03. Location: Ann Arbor, MI
04. Height: 5'10
05. Body Type: Overweight, but beautiful(Veganism has allowed me to lose 200lbs and still losing)
06. Hair: dark brown, midlength, but growing.
07. Eyes: Green
08. Religion: Protestant with Buddhist Influence
09. Ethnicity: French, Italian, English, and Native American
10. Language: English, plus a little Swahili, Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian, and Spanish.
11. Education: B.A. in Political Science/History, working on M.A. History
12. Occupation: Student, musician, and beginning my own Vegan zine.
13. Smoker: No
14. Drinker: Very rarely
15. Marital Status: Single
16. Have Children: Not yet.
17. Want Children: Eventually!
18. Interests: Living a compassionate and observant life. I am interested in the broad spectrum of art...I am hardcore for every genre of music. I play guitar and love Punk, Folk, and Jazz the most. I love reading, especially Jack Kerouac and Sylvia Plath. I write poetry and would love to write a novel eventually. I love political texts and Human and Animal Rights texts. I love indie films. I am into living au natural...full of homeopathy, organic/veganic gardening, etc. I love to feel emotion, I love intimacy, esp. mental intimacy. I enjoy nature, hiking, travel, culture, cooking, etc. Anything else you will have to take the time and get to know me.

Looking for:
1. Age: 22-35
2. Sex: Female
3. Location: Prefer Local, but open to anyone.
4. Height: Any, but I am attracted to taller women.
5. Body Type: Natural
6. Hair: Any
7. Eyes: Any
8. Religion: Anything that promotes love and compassion.
9. Ethnicity: I love all!
10. Language: English, even if broken.
11. Education: Whether educated at a school or a library, you have to stimulate my mind.
12. Occupation: Any that is ethical.
13. Smoker: Prefer Not.
14. Drinker: Rarely
15. Marital Status: Any except married :)
16. Have Children: I love kids, I play with my nephew constantly.
17. Want Children: We'll see!
18. Interests: I want someone who is Vegan, humorous, compassionate, kind, initmate, smart, self-knowledgable, eclectic, concerned about the world's state, tolerant, slow to anger... It's all about the good stuff!